How is Web Development a Good Career Choice – Facts to Know

Since we are in the modern era of 2020, where everything is computerized, this growth has only been possible because of the existence of web development. Technology and invention in science have led to betterment in every aspect of life, be it electrical appliances, or smartphones, the designs that get approved are always user friendly. Whenever a product is proposed, the main idea is to look at the UX design challenge that it has gone through. The UX design is the user interface that the users will use for the product to work. For example, the user interface of the iPhone, is easy to use and that is the reason why it is very common among people for that matter.

Web development is the art of building websites in a way that they are functional and easily understandable by people throughout the globe. There are a lot of benefits of being a web developer and so many of them are mentioned and explained in this article so that people that are thinking of getting ahead with the career in web development shall consider all these points before they take the final decision.

It is in high demand

Since everyone is moving towards digital marketing, it is important that you know that websites are a part of the marketing where the traffic usually occurs. And so many businesses all around the world are trying to get a website set up so that they can direct their customers there and make an impression. You can choose which company you want to work for and negotiate the rates at which you would help them in making the website.

You are the boss of yourself

There will be no one to decide when you work and what salary you will get. You decide everything for yourself and you are not even dependent to work for just one company. You can always go for multiple companies, because of the fact that you are a freelance developer, you decide your working hours and the pace that which you want to work at.

You can work at home permanently

You do not have to wake up early in the morning if that is hard for you, you do not have to reach to the office and mark your attendance. All you have to do is stay at home and work as long as you want on your own laptop with the internet connection that you have at home. You get the comfort of home and the work is done according to your rules.

Everything is according to you

You will be responsible for the design of the website, you get to decide the font of the writing style, the images being used in the website. This is an exciting job as you have a blank canvas and you got to paint it according to however you like it. You contribute to the society when you make a website for a hospital, a school, or an NGO, while you enjoy working on the website alongside that.

It is a high paying job

You get to decide the pay according to the plugins or the changes that the client wants, if it is a simple website, you charge less, but as soon as the requirements increase, you can increase the pay accordingly and get the amount that you want. Since you are good at what you do and maintain a portfolio, people will recognize your work and work with you no matter how high you charge as long as you deliver.

What Is the Biggest UX Design Challenge? How Can You Beat One?

One of the most important features of the websites is related to user experience. Research has been found that the customer experience has now been improved whereas, there is about 33 percent of the well-satisfied customers, and about 42 percent of the company’s experience maintenance increases. Web application development is considering the process of making web applications. There is an agreement involved with software engineering processes.

Whereas user experience (UX) design is known as the process of operating user behavior with the help of usability, and usefulness, provided in the communication with a product. The new technology provides customers with more tools and organizations to improve their efforts. Hence there are still some challenges that occur in the way of a UX for the customer. 

How do you approach a UX design challenge? 

· To approach a UX design challenge, you need to ask questions to agree to the challenge.

· Inquire about the users and context.

· Mention and draw the main steps of the story.

· Summarize the story and talk about improvements and cases. 

Let’s discuss the biggest UX design Challenges and how can you beat one. 

Collecting Marketing Data 

Marketing teams require different kinds of customer data to support policies and tactics. The way of collecting the information is somehow questionable to the customer. However, it should be done perfectly without disturbing the experience or putting appreciated information at risk. 

Regardless of asking for the customer data, designers need to test more collection methods. You need to try to go for interactive content and gather valuable data and information. Interactive pages are considered to be better than static pages, it shows that designers can improve data collection and customer’s experience. 

Complicated Chatbots

It is indeed how the use of chatbots has been increased during the past some years ago. It is helpful for customer service issues. Whereas, virtual assistants have helped many businesses to provide support but they are not user friendly. Whereas seventy-three percent of the customers had a bad experience with a defective chatbot, and sixty-one percent is frustrating to deal with. 

When chatbots are not easy and smart enough to solve customer issues then they can cause frustration and incorrect answers that hurt UX. However, the chatbot must be focused on UX regardless of just demanding to solve an issue. This is done by combining AI systems that use machine learning to pick up emotional intelligence. Hence technology plays an important role to virtually learn that has helpful responses for different situations that help to improve with every communication. 

Applying personalization

Offering personalized experiences helps to boost up sales and consumer satisfaction. About ninety-one percent of customers report that they are more interested in buying businesses that offer these profits. Different websites are taking personalization a step for users or customers to display the content that is more perfect for the consumer.

But the designers need to access the data. If you talk about smart personalization then it says that marketing teams and web designers have a deep understanding of how and who their consumers are, what they need, and how to provide them experiences.

Understanding the effects of UX

The detail of the major design elements puts to the UX in such a way that includes layouts, graphics, user interface, etc. there has been a disconnection between what a brand needs about their web pages and what will give to a positive UX. This is the reason why it is important to understand the impact and effect on the UX of the webpage. 

Let’s take an example, you are building a site for a client. The client and your designer disagree about the placement related to the “add to cart” button on the page. Maybe the client needs the box at the bottom of the webpage whereas the designer claims that it would make it better to place above the fold. 


Every year gives new sets of ideas and strategies that web designers must consider to improve the better performance of UX. Whereas, the designers need to remember that there is a workaround for every hurdle. It is important to consider the customer’s needs and preferences. Designers can build the best decision to start a successful website that provides a better UX for the clients. 

How To Ensure The Success Of Your Software Development Strategies?

Completion of a project within the time duration is a very challenging task. All the development teams struggle to meet the demands of the shareholders. Likewise, the Software development teams also work hard and build such Software Development Strategies to successfully design the software and to complete the project with all its protocols to the users or businesses. 

To design an app for the business or to build a website one must need to give a project to the software house to ensure the success of the project.


It’s important to invest inexperienced developers to save time, and money because hiring such developers leads to smooth development processes. It’s important to understand the roles needs to be performed by every individual in a project. By assigning the roles in a project builds the confidence that the team will complete the project efficiently and effectively. Whereas the developers who do not follow the required practices lead to the failure of the project. Always favor those teams to work for your project who are interested in the custom software development for your product genuinely as well as are technically equipped enough for the web application development and web design development.

Here are few of the questions frequently asked by the users that are as follows: 

1. What are the different software development strategies? 

The strategies for software development keeps on changing so the few of the latest ones are as follows.

Programming Strategy

For developing the software, programming should definitely be done by the experts. They even should be involved in the implementation of the software which confirms that the designing goals are functional and technical. To test the software is an essential element to ensure the quality of the software.

Agile development Strategy

To minimize the risks, the agile development strategy should be used to minimize the risk like bugs, changing rations, overruns, etc. while adding the new functions. In the agile methods, the teams develop such software in repetitions that have mini-changes regarding the functionalities. There are several agile development methods like feature-driven development (FDD), crystal, extreme programming (XP), scrum, etc.

Waterfall development Strategy

The waterfall development strategy is the most traditional software strategy. It is a linear model that contains the serial phases which are requirements, design, implementation, verification, maintenance which focuses to lead towards distinct goals. Before heading to the next phase the previous 100% phase should be completed before heading towards the next phase. There are usually no ways to modify the previous phase of the project.

This strategy is effective enough to eradicate the divisions between software developers and IT departments. The whole agenda of this strategy is to speed up the things. The common tools for it are to test routines, static analysis, OOP languages, microservices virtualization, containers that are best to self-heal.

2- What makes a software project successful?

Software projects become successful because of the following factors:

Understanding Business Problems

Initially, the team needs to understand the business problems and it implies all individuals of the team. They all should be able to understand the end results of the projects which could benefit the business problem. The progress of the project should be aligned with the demands of the project. 

Sufficient knowledge of the Industry

It is necessary to have basic knowledge about the industry. Even if the outsourced team is being considered one should have knowledge about the basic domain. At the time of outsourcing in can see the case studies they have about their previous project to have sufficient knowledge about their work domains. 

Particular Technical Expertise

To have a successful software project, technical skills should not be forgotten. The designed software is basically the center of all the operations. It’s very important for the users even to have the technical knowledge for the use of that software even the certifications in various technologies should be taken for the proper maximum use of that project. 


To have an effective software project one should be equipped enough to have teamwork with sufficient technical knowledge. The success and failure of the project are actually based on the perception and it varies from project to project. The project might beneficial for one can be a non-beneficial for the other. So, the properly designed software according to the demand of the business holder cannot only open more ways for designing the software for more projects as well as enhances the value of the work as well.

Web Development Vs App Development- Which One Is Worth to Excel in?

Mobile apps require a specific platform such as IOS for iPhone and Android for Samsung devices. Apps run on the device itself and are downloaded or installed via the app store. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, are known as the famous known mobile apps. Custom software development is declared as the way of designing, maintaining, creating, or scheming software for particular people or administrations, groups, or societies. 

On the other hand, web apps gain access via the internet browser. They are neither built-in to a specific system nor can be installed or downloaded. Whereas, they indeed function many alike mobile apps. Web application development is the development of application programs that are provided to the user’s device with the help of the internet. However, front-end web development is proficient through client-side programming.

How apps are assembled or built?

We know that mobile apps are quite expensive to build than web apps. However, they are faster and have innovative features and functionality. Mobile apps are built using languages that depend on the platforms. Whereas, Apple apps are built using Swift, Xcode IDE. Android apps are usually developing by using java language with the help of Android Studio or Eclipse IDE. 

How web apps are built?

If we talk about web apps, they are built by using CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript. Whereas, there is no standard software to build mobile apps. Web apps are quite faster and easier to build and simpler regarding features. 

What do you prefer app development or web development?

It is known that App development is more complex than web development. While downloading an app on the android, the android developer will be going to have more lack of restrictions because of its open-source platform whereas, the IOS developer is not as good as compared to android. 

Is Web development and app development being the same or not?

web development vs app development

If we talk about android developers then they usually make software exact to android phones whereas, web developers make applications that need web browsers to run. 

If we ponder over the meaning of an android developer, then it is limited to android app development and its customizations. Web developers develop websites and apps related to the web on the internet.  

Who makes more money, web developer or App developer?

If we estimate, then the pay of app developers is 40 percent higher than web developers. Whereas, an app developer makes money around $70,000 as compared to a web designer who is proficient enough in web design skills and earns around $50,000.

Is Web development easier than app development or not?

App development is quite expensive because you need not the same tools for different platforms related to IOS and Android. The app development is more trending than web development technologies. Hence it is known that app development has a higher level of difficulty than web development. 

App development pros and cons are:


· Quicker as compared with web apps

· Safe and secure

· You can work offline

· Easier to build because of the availability of tools and technologies


· Expensive as compared with web apps

· Costly or expensive to update and retain

· Platforms such as IOS or Android means designing and building apps

Web apps pros and cons are:


· No need to downloaded or installed the apps.

· Easy to maintain and preserve.

· Quicker and easier as compared to mobile apps.

· It can be launched rapidly.


· You can’t work offline as compared to mobile apps.

· Not faster than mobile apps and not advanced in features.

· Not listed in a database such as an app store.

· Hence, quality is not guaranteed.

· No need to appropriate or approved with the help of the app store.


It is stated that app development is faster, safe, and secure. You can work offline but it is quite expensive as compared to the web app. Furthermore, if we talk about web apps then you would not be able to work there offline. They are not faster and quality is not guaranteed. But it is quicker and easier as compared to mobile apps. Whereas, it can be launched quickly.

Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing Responsive Web Design Service

In today’s dynamic world, an attractive website is a necessary element if you want your business to grow and flourish. But it’s very time consuming to design the website by own-self and it is energy taking as well. Even the most common task to design the logo for your business takes more than half of the energy. So, it’s better to outsource this task to responsive web design services. One more benefit is that the outsourced team will make your website attractive. Doing the same yourself in the house will take you’re all the efforts and energies but still will leave a feeling of incompletion and outdated tone in it.

The graphic design companies in Dubai provide amazing web designing outsource companies like TASC which can provide the skilled teams of IT on a contract basis even across several countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Even there are several top digital agencies in Dubai as well, who used to work for different businesses to work for their website designing content. They are extraordinary in their performances and gives very satisfying results.

It is cost-effective to outsource

It’s always costly to hire the employees to work in-house, it utilizes more resources and more time. Some of the businesses have views that hiring local professionals is not worth it. It is also the right statement for the employees who are hired for short term projects.

By outsourcing the work to specialists like to the graphic design Dubai, they are cost-effective especially because of the difference in the economical variations between countries. By outsourcing less is being paid then the level and quality of work which is done.

Helpful to have access to the latest technology and innovation

The teams to which the work is outsourced are well-aware about the new technology trends in the market and the competitiveness of the market as well. So, they keep on working hard to learn the latest skills and technology to implement those skills in the upcoming projects to increase the worth of their company as well. One can hire a great team or an employee a person with a wonderful portfolio to analyze who is at his best in the power with the awareness of the latest marketing technology.

It’s good to focus on basic competencies if you are the new market entrant

If you have just started the business or trying to give a boost to your business then it’s best to focus on the basic competencies more. Tasks like animated style web pages, creative logos, choosing theme colors, etc. are of least worries, so you should be more towards the money-making contents of the business. Your more focus should be towards the customers and the demands of the business then to be on the other aspects. It’s not like these things are less important but prioritizing things would be the best strategy to take up.

3rd Party assurance of support

In some cases, 3rd parties assure the company which is to be given a project for work satisfaction along with several other benefits.

Even they are beneficial in the case to have assistance when the product is finally done on the discounted prices and the issues can also be resolved by them and modifications can also be done. Outsourcing in actual saves very much amount of money.

Hire the experts to avoid mistakes

By hiring the web developers for the website, you can get in contact with a large number of web developers. By hiring an experienced one will be more beneficial because they will not make such mistakes which should be avoided by the web developers. It will save you from many hassles.


Outsourcing for web designing is the best way to save your budget and to get a quality job. It will be cheaper to outsource, freelance or to target the offshore web developers than to hire your working team. And it will be less energy consumption with the updated work according to the latest market trends.