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How Have the Trends in Video Marketing Solutions Evolved Over Time?

The video marketing solutions have become a renowned resource especially to encourage brands, increase market share and become promoted in the market among people. Several video marketing trends came into consideration in the past years. Like the animated videos have become so popular to promote several things especially in video marketing.

The video production has an amazing growth over the past decade and will keep on adding colors to itself in the coming years even. It is observed that in the year 2005, 69% operational users have watched online video productions or downloaded them and almost 14% of the people out of them has uploaded them or posted online, and till today almost 78% users used to watch the online videos and 35% of them used to upload online.

How has advertising evolved over the years?

 The first advertising was taken place in the ancient age of Egyptians in 2000 BCC when in 1472 the first print advertisement was published. William Caxton has printed the ad for the book and appended it to the doors of churches in England. Then in 1704, the first ad of the newspaper was published in the United States. Then latterly in 1835, the billboards were displayed in the United States posturing the Circus posters which were 50 sq. feet in measurements. In 1892 the postal campaign has taken place in which 8,000 postcards were produced in the approximately 2000 orders.

In the 1900s, the advertising was taken up in radios and televisions and became more personalized in that tenure, it was called the golden age of advertising. And in 1941, the first commercial was on aired on TV screens on WNBT. In 1992, the major shift of advertisements towards online advertisements has taken place, at that time people have begun to use the internet rapidly, and advertisers targeted the consumers through this medium by displaying the content there.

In 2000, the mobiles have shown up for advertising purposes, when Finnish news provider directed free news headlines via SMS and in 2007 the mobile advertisement became common when the iPhone was released. In 2008, after the unveiling of the App Store along with 3G helped advertisers to take the lead of mobile app ads in place of mobile web browser ads.

Why is video advertising becoming so popular?

video marketing solutions
  • The video advertising is becoming so popular because of the wide coverage and capability of these advertisements.
  • Through the video advertising both the audio and visual approaches are used which is more effective to understand the message. It can gain more interest from the customers and can expect a call for an order. It is helpful to be in the minds of the people. It is also a perfect personal communication with your target market. All kinds of videos can be formed and sent or uploaded it just depends on what is the video production based on and it can easily be sent to that specified audience by any means.
  • It is also an inexpensive way of advertising. It helps to make more business with more profit. It is cheaper than print ads and easily reachable. Very less amount is needed to launch an effective video of your business.

Why is video so effective in marketing?

Video marketing is effective because it boosts sales and conversions tremendously. More than 83% of businesses give views that video marketing increases sales and gives good returns. The video production builds the trust of the consumer on the brand. It helps in making online long term relationship with the advertiser. They also help you to keep your audience retain on your website for a long time and gives an impact to the search engine that the availability of good content on your site. They are helpful to explain everything to the users, the way to use, size, shape and much more about the business. It’s the best tool for learning purposes as well as easy to consume the product. Because it’s quite difficult to read long descriptions mentioned by the user.

Final Words

The video production is becoming renowned everywhere and affordable as well. It is getting advanced day by day because of the advancement in technology and to be spread around the globe. Creativity and human psychology are mostly required to make innovative and attractive animated videos. Such videos associate the viewer’s emotions and can retain customers for ages. It is the best creative survival.

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