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Why Graphic Designing is Important in Web Designing Process?

At its heart, graphic design is a form of communication. Like language, design affects people in different ways because each one of us perceives design in our own unique way. Commercial design or graphic design has its importance in today’s age, especially in web designing which is the process of designing websites for high-quality user experience, visually and functionally. Digital agencies in dubai have a lot of potential for growth if the importance of graphic designing is harnessed effectively.

Graphic design creates a strong impact

It is true that the visual medium affects our minds more than the written word. The saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ holds especially true in the world of graphic designing. This is why a lot of planning is involved in designing the layout, design and overall elements of a new website.

Everything from the width of the margins to the font style and size, the use of color and white space, and the design of pop-ups have an effect on the reader’s mind. Thus, graphic design can help a business attract visitors and retain them for a long time. On the other hand, the poor graphic design presents a negative image of the business and the user instantly equates the poor quality of the design with the quality of the product.

Graphic design makes you competitive

The quality of your website determines how long someone stays on your website and the amount of their purchase. Obviously, a website with an attractive design will successfully entice users to visit the website, browse the different pages, read the product descriptions and be guided to make the final purchase.

Without graphic design, the customer might not even find the product on your website. Helpful logos, buttons, banners, menus, and illustrations are important guideposts that help your visitor navigate through your website. You should plan all of these elements by studying your competitors’ websites and improving their design. The goal should be to give your visitors something familiar, yet better.

Graphic designs describe your professionalism

Every time someone visits your website, they make a decision about you as a business. Several factors influence this decision, among which graphic design is an important one. The kind of identity and values that are reflected in your logo design, page layout, and menu design offer clues into whether you are a trustworthy business or lazy.

You should use graphic design to your advantage by using color, line, size, spacing and other design elements in a way that projects your business as professional and responsible. Whether you offer your products and services to consumers or businesses, this is a matter of serious concern as it affects things like whether your customer is likely to recommend you to others or whether search engines rank your website in terms of usability and convenience.

Graphic design ties up your website together

The more your business grows, the more populated your website becomes. More web pages are added from time to time as new products and service options. It is important to link all of these together in a logical way. Graphic design helps you achieve this by creating a design approach that is universal and instantly communicates that this page or product belongs to your website. Many of these things happen in a subtle way, but the effect on the reader cannot be denied.


So the next time you design a website or add a new page on your existing site, keep the above things in mind. Engage with the graphic designer on these matters and in no time you will have a website that is functional, informative, attractive and easy to navigate.

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